Family is different for everyone.

The law is not.

Child Custody, Support and Parenting Time

Children are often impacted by our situations and our decisions--during and after divorce.

Child custody, support and shared parenting time can be challenging even in the most amicable situations.

We work for you and with you to achieve solutions that work for you and your family.

We are guided by the children. And their best interests.


Custody and Parenting Time

We support the techniques of mediation and cooperative law. We know from experience, that working together is usually the best solution for everyone—even though it is not always easy.

We are here for you. We don’t have the emotional connection, so we are able to reduce tension when it arises.

Sometimes, when reasonable solutions cannot be achieved, litigation is necessary.

If so, we provide you assertive representation to protect your children, your rights and your goals.

Again, we are here for you. And we are guided by the children and their best interests.


Child Support

We represent parents in all types of child support matters. We can determine the required level of support in your case and advise you regarding your legal options.

In Minnesota, the required amount of child support is established by formulas set in the statutes. So the base amount of support is readily discovered.

That said, the set formula is not always appropriate-depending on your situation. We will work with you and if necessary, other professionals, such as a forensic accountant or vocational specialist, to agree on the level of child support in your case and implement the legal system to pursue your goals--aggressively.

If circumstances change, we can seek to modify the child support order.

Call us if you want to discuss your situation.